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For Best Results in Contents Restoration…

Plus get you damaged contents properly restored!

For many, we live in a throwaway society where, when something gets old or needs repair we tend to just throw it out and replace it. So many products today do not stand up as well as they used to. Or the original price has come down so far that it is simpler and less hassle to just replace it.

In the insurance industry, if they had to replace every item that was contaminated with smoke from a fire or was exposed to high humidity or water from a water damage it would cost a fortune and most often, needlessly.

Helping you clean your contents during an insurance claim is just as important as the rebuilding phase because it includes everything housed within the four walls of a property. We understand that in most cases your contents are more precious to you then your walls and flooring. Spectrum Restoration DKI knows how to clean just about any type of hard or soft furnishings, clothing, electronics and just about any other thing in your home or property.

We know how valuable your contents are to you and our trained professionals know how to diligently handle the process.

Many items in the home or business can be saved and effectively restored if the contractor is able to act quickly and has the know-how to deal with your contents. If the contractor is educated and knows the value and what they are dealing with, what it takes to clean the item and the potential for effective restoration it can prove to be of great value to both the insurer and insured.

Contents Restoration:

Contents restoration is a significant part of our business in serving clients during insurance claims. In fact, there is rarely a claim where a homeowner doesn’t have something damaged or affected by whatever caused the loss. Sometimes it just involves moving and storing your contents to other areas of your home so they do not incur secondary damage from humidity or to speed up the process of restoring your walls and floors. Our processes, systems and training allow us to successfully restore many types of items that may become damaged after being affected by water or smoke damage.

First things first though, a consideration always must go on to determine whether the item is worth cleaning. Is it damaged beyond repair? What is it’s value, can it be restored for less than half its value? Does it have intrinsic value? By the time you list it, pack it, unpack it, clean it, pack it, return it and set it up all over again is it worth it?

Electronic Restoration Services:

One of the most common items to be considered to be non-restorable are electronics, and for the most part they are easily replaceable, but most often they can be cost effectively restored.

For the knowledgeable restorer electronics are easily restorable as long as the value is there and the equipment to clean it affectively is available. By using di-ionized water, PH balanced cleaning products and fast drying ovens restoration is very possible and most likely. Effective deodorization along with mechanical cleaning methods greatly reduce the risk of ever having a problem once these pieces go back to the insured.

Soft Contents:

Soft contents are another category where restoration has great potential. Soft contents include laundry and dry cleaning items and may also include some upholstered furniture. Washing and dry-cleaning machines and products have come a long way over the last few years and with the introduction of the Esporta and other washing machines and technics these items have proven very restorable and have the support of insureds.

Loose or Boxed Items:

Loose or boxed items can be cleaned using wet, dry or ultrasonic cleaning methods that remove both contamination and discolouration. As these pieces are cleaned, they are dried in ovens or drying rooms where they are able to be packed up and put away in storage until the property has been properly restored and the insured is ready to move back in.

On any one of the procedures mentioned above, with bacteria and bio-load measuring devices available to the restoration industry it allows the item to be tested to ensure that it is effectively cleaned and sanitized to ensure full and proper restoration.

You can trust Spectrum Restoration DKI to successfully restore your water or smoke damaged contents and electronics from your home, office or industrial site. For many years, we have helped homeowners, hospitals, financial institutions, schools and universities, hotels, hospitals, retailers, grocery stores, oil manufacturers, industrial warehouses, and more. How? By keeping current with the newest tools, equipment, training and technology in how to properly restore and salvage contents to a condition as good (often times better) than it was before the items were damaged by smoke or water.

Spectrum Restoration DKI content restoration team can present you and your insurance representative with many cost-effective options. Content damage restoration procedures are customized to meet your preferences when handling your prized possessions with your customized content restoration plan.

Content Inventory Services:

Spectrum Restoration DKI contents restoration division is equipped with an electronic inventory system that allows the process to be easily understood by our clients. This time-saving technology allows for more precise tracking of items and allows for greater transparency for all parties involved in a claim.

If you have not had the chance to take a tour of our facility I am sure you would find it very intriguing as most have no idea as to the extent of what goes in to the restoration of someone’s personal property. A person’s home contains such a range of items from bric-a-brac to high end furniture, art work and beyond. Expertise in this industry is critical in ensuring that, what can be effectively and efficiently restored is, and what can’t, be is listed or documented for replacement upon the approval of the insurer.