Fire Damage

First and foremost, if you have suffered a fire loss to your property or business there are a few steps you will need to take right now to prevent any further damages to your property or belongings!

  • Call Spectrum Restoration DKI, we will provide you with an emergency care kit including those items that you desperately need ie: hygiene items etc., and we will take care of securing the property to prevent any unwanted visitors.
  • Do not touch any items that have a chance to be saved with bare hands. The natural oils from your skin will permanently set in the soot causing the item to be irreparable.
  • Soot is very acidic and needs to be neutralized in order to prevent secondary damages to all surfaces within the affected areas. This could include paintings, glass, china, hardwood flooring etc. Spectrum will respond once safe to do so and neutralize the acidic properties of the soot.
  • Call your insurance company.
  • Take this time to deal with accommodations and other important issues. Find relief knowing Spectrum is working hard to save and restore your damaged property and belongings.

Spectrum Restoration DKI provides the top service in the Midwest, Lakeland and North Battleford areas when it comes to restoring your property or business after the unfortunate and devastating event of a fire.

Whether big or small, fire and smoke cause extensive damage in a matter of minutes. Spectrum’s restoration technicians are trained in effective removal of odours and affects of fire/smoke damage. We will quickly respond to your property and bring your life/business back to normal as quickly as possible.

Spectrum can also take care of demolition projects in the unfortunate event of a total loss fire.