“The Lloydminster Agricultural Exhibition Association is a non-profit agricultural association which has contracted the services of Spectrum Restoration DKI numerous times over the past 15 years.
They have supported us with disaster services from minor and major floods and insurance claims to extensive asbestos abatement Spectrum Restoration DKI have always been prompt with their disaster services for us.
The workmanship we see is always of high quality. They take tremendous pride in their service and work. We have always been very happy with the efficiency of their work. The management and staff at Spectrum Restoration DKI are a pleasure to work with. Their word is gold. I would recommend their services in any disaster situation.”

– Lloydminster Exhibition Association

“Spectrum Restoration DKI is an excellent restoration company consisting of very professional people who are very passionate about what they do and the quality of their service and products. Greg and Travis Stieb both display a genuine concern for people and doing a great job, something not often found in today’s construction industry.”

– Adjuster, Claims Pro

“We would highly recommend Spectrum as they looked after everything that needed to be done and we never had to wait for anyone to show or wonder when will it get done. They were there every day and got things done right away.”

– Homeowner

“In June 2015, my daughter got out of bed in the morning and was shocked when her feet splashed in water instead of hitting the floor. A frost free tap had cracked inside the wall of our farm home. I called the insurance company and they sent out the Spectrum crew. They were efficient and did very nice work. Everything was completed in a timely manner and they communicated with us during every phase of the clean up and construction.
Unfortunately for us, in January of 2016, we came home from work to find two inches of sewer water on the basement floor. Because of my previous experience, Spectrum’s number was in my contact list. I immediately called them and they packed up and came as quickly as they could. The crew arrived and quickly set to work to minimize damage. They were so kind and did everything they could to comfort us. Our second experience in seven months was as seamless as the first.
A situation requiring Spectrum’s services is not something I would ever choose but if anything like it were to happen again, I would choose Spectrum Restoration again.”

– Homeowner

“I have been using Spectrum Restoration DKI for insurance claims for several years. They have always proven to conduct their business in a professional manner and with genuine concern for the work completed and the satisfaction of the customer. Even when there were issues presented by the homeowner, Spectrum dealt with them in a quick and efficient manner striving to satisfy the customer every time.
As an independent adjuster, it is very helpful to have a company that can take the job from start to finish without the need to involve other trades. It makes my job much more efficient and leaves me with less on site handling of the rebuild process. I am very appreciative that I can give the job to Spectrum Restoration DKI and they will ensure it is completed in a timely manner. I rarely need to even ask for an update on status as they keep me well informed of the progress of the job throughout.
I have also had Spectrum complete work in my home when I had water damage and my experience as the homeowner was great. The repairs were professionally completed and the final result was exactly what I had wanted.
I would highly recommend Spectrum Restoration DKI. In my experience, they have been a great company to work with and I look forward to many more years working together.”

– District Manager, Cunningham Lindsey Canada Claims Services Ltd.

“I chose Spectrum because they were highly recommended by insurance professionals and they were right. Spectrum Restoration DKI delivered a high level of professional service and communication, they consistently updated me on the status of work and displayed excellent workmanship. I would recommend Spectrum Restoration to anyone.”

– Homeowner

“The crew was helpful and courteous. I am especially thankful to the contents manager for her constant commitment and professionalism thought out this process, she provided answers to my every question and always found a way. Thank you to all who assisted with the clean-up. No offense but here’s hoping not to have to call you again, but I will if needed! Thank you!”

– Homeowner