Weather Damage

Weather damage is a very vast term! It can be anything from Ice Damming, Wind damage to a Tornado. Some of these events may also be considered catastrophic so also check out the details on that type of loss if needed. Spectrum has crews ready and available 24hrs a day to respond no matter the loss, whether it is tarping a roof or even removing a fallen tree.

Ice Damming

Ice damming will occur when there is snow accumulation on one’s roof and with continual heat loss from inside and/or warmer temperatures on the outside snow begins to melt. The melting saturates the snow along the eaves which then freezes and forms an ice dam during colder temperatures. With continual heat loss from the inside and/or warmer temperatures on the outside the snow will continue or begin to melt. The thaw or water running off

Prepare Your Home; Winter is on it’s Way

When we expect the coming of winter, especially in and around the Lloydminster, Wainwright and Cold Lake areas, what is one of the things we do every year? We look at our vehicle and try to determine, how's the tires, the antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, and the list goes on. But with the approach of winter do we consider whether our home is ready? Here are some tips to keep in mind as we look